What is Skim Coat for?

05 September 2022


We want our house to look good and appealing, and these uneven concrete surfaces are too far from meeting our standards. That’s why applying skim coat is recommended to get rid of unsightly texture and achieve appealing walls and ceilings!


What is Skim Coating?

Skim coating is a texturing technique used to make a wall or ceiling smooth. It is also used to repair damaged drywall making it a quick, long-term solution for fixing minor cracks, filling a joint, or leveling an existing flat surface.




Easy to sand skim coat application results in smoother finish, and should have minimal powdering of the surface, which reduces risk of inhalation that eventually causes irritation to the nose, throat, and upper respiratory tract.


The usual color of skim coat is either grey or white. Using white skim coat powder will allow the color of paint to be covered, look more vibrant, and has a low tendency of shade variation.


Available at a reasonable price, Mariwasa Skim Coat can help homeowners save more from the usual cost of materials and labor when having walls finished off. Mariwasa Skim Coat can work for surfaces both indoors and outdoors so that homeowners don’t have to pay extra just to buy separate materials.

Like all Mariwasa products, the brand’s skim coat underwent a quality assurance check to make sure that it is in excellent condition and aligns with the company’s goal of becoming a complete home solutions provider.


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