Transform your Unused Space to be A Relaxation Area for the Family

30 April 2022

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Are you still thinking on what to do with the unused space in your house? Here is an idea on how to build a relaxing corner with your unused space outside your house with the help of SCG Smartwood and SCG Modeena.

fe260f529fd6648451c6b18b8748765a--house-relaxing-corner-extension2-1b7fml.jpg Before the renovation

d7b40aae18efc5328b9da322f0a331a1--house-relaxing-corner-extension1-ct55x1.jpg After the renovation

SCG Modeena Decoration Wood Installation

  1. Install galvanized structures with metal framing C-74 and U-76 with 50 centimeters distance between each column. The specification for material of this installation is a box which depend on a usage. If there is no wood installation, a 1” x 2” box steel shall be used. If there is wood installation, the box steel must be as least 50 millimeters width.


b45aca421d3ab42aec6b8467cfa12773--house-relaxing-corner-extension5-2e5ujl.jpg 50cm between each column

  1. Cut 3 mm of SCG Modeena clip lock end (same side with a round hole). Cut only a first to install on first role. (optional to use)

  2. After cutting the end of first clip lock end, make an alignment line for a first-row clip lock 1 centimeter above the ground to prevent misalignment. Then prepare to screw the SCG Smartwood with self-drilling screw 13mm on every structure position. For a joint, use 2 screws with 2.4 centimeter space between the screw.

3e4f3276bf2b0d83086fa444e5e5d922--house-relaxing-corner-extension7-njp0u3.jpg bd1e9b564d9eab4677cf9a6b38425d70--house-relaxing-corner-extension6-fqdruv.jpg About 1cm above ground

  1. Install SCG Smartwood Modeena from below to top. Install the SCG Smartwood Modeena by connecting the groove with a clip lock. Screw it using 32 mm self-drill screw.

7e8919cd1d79132478a0abbc3ef65df1--house-relaxing-corner-extension9-a93t5d.jpg e099a77f42288d84efa829e6a18f135a--house-relaxing-corner-extension8-bc6a2p.jpg

  1. Install the SCG Smartwood to the top (only the top row does not need to put a clip lock on). Then apply a putty color to conceal the screw hole before painting it with a primer color. The primer takes approximately 30 minutes to dry then apply the primer again 1-2 times then paint the SCG Smartwood Modeena with 100% acrylic paint with your choice of color.


In just a few steps, your relaxing corner can be even more beautiful with simple improvements and ready to use according to your preference. Try to find out if there is any unused space around your corner and apply this idea and make your empty space to transform into everyone’s favorite corner.

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