Decorating Condominiums for Good Feng Shui

04 August 2022


When choosing a condominium, consider a space that promotes good flow of energy inside and outside the room. There are two main factors when examining Feng Shui in condominiums: One is the landform of the housing project, which specifies how well the project will welcome positive energy and the quality of such energy. This could be observed in road lines, train lines, the flow of the river, or even spacious public parks on whether the energy diffused is from an auspicious direction. Selecting a project with good Feng Shui should be assisted and evaluated by a specialist to obtain good Feng Shui starting from the location of the project itself.

There are other factors to consider for good Feng Shui after choosing a condominium project. Such factors for arranging condominium rooms are as follows:


Terrace should be clean and ventilated

Doors of condominium rooms are often small with narrow walkways on each floor. Because of this, the energy in the hallway is limited as compared to the terrace door which is often quite large. This is an area exposed to more exterior energy from wind and sunlight. According to the Feng Shui theory, it is believed that the terrace door is the main door of a condominium room.

A condominium room’s terrace resembles a home’s balcony door or a vacant lot that accumulates energy. If the terrace is clean and ventilated, more exterior energy is welcomed which brings good source of prosperity. However, if a terrace is either dirty, untidy, or blocks the wind energy, such energy cannot enter the room. With a Feng Shui master’s detailed calculation, homeowners can know whether the terrace door is facing a good and lucky Feng Shui direction. In certain cases, a fountain may be placed to promote better flow of energy. This will bring about even more prosperity.


Interior furniture should be spacious

Today, condominium rooms are getting smaller and smaller in size as the land price in cities sore high. This has resulted in smaller rooms so that the prices are affordable. The Feng Shui theory focuses on the flow of energy inside the room. In choosing furniture, it is recommended to select the ones that are suitable for the size of the room making sure that the flow of energy is unblocked. If the room is small, the furniture should not be too large, and the design should be quite aerated. It should not block either the energy flow or the walkway around the room.

In contrast, if the room is spacious, any size of furniture can be used as long as the arrangement does not reduce the room’s walking space.


Arrange the bed suitably for a good and quality rest

In large cities such as Manila, Makati, Taguig, and Pasig, condominiums are a place for a good rest after a long day’s work. Feng Shui masters view that the bedroom is a very important room relating to the Feng Shui of the condominium room as a whole. This is because it is the room that dwellers regularly visit and spend the most time in. If the bed has good Feng Shui, it will be beneficial in entirety.

The headboard of the bed should not be placed underneath a window. If it will be, a solid curtain should be used during nighttime. Moreover, a common mistake is positioning the headboard towards the direction of the bathroom or next to the bathroom wall as this can disturb sleep when used by someone else. Other recommendations are to avoid mirrors at the footboard, doors that open right through the middle of the bed or the headboard, or air-conditioning that is above the headboard. These are arrangements that homeowners need to avoid in order to acquire a good Feng Shui bedroom.


A working room or living room that overlooks the distant exterior view will welcome energy

As the living room is mostly used for relaxing, it is advisable to position the furniture where it will have a perspective of the distant exterior view. This is favorable in terms of accumulated energy because this will promote good visions and thoughts that will bring about prosperity.

These are just some of the basic principles of condominium room arrangement that promote luck, prestige, health, and relationship energy for an auspicious Feng Shui. Selection of colors and decorative materials can also promote good luck. For detailed information, consultation with an experienced Feng Shui master is recommended.

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