Maximizing Small Home Spaces

08 September 2022

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There are some people who prefer city living over suburban living. The idea of them spending more time in transit and in traffic is incredibly unappealing, so they prefer toughing it out and making an urban home.

While this sounds great in theory, it can actually be pretty challenging to build and maintain your dream home in the city. In dense urban areas like Metro Manila, real estate is expensive. Most people on a budget usually end up buying condominium units, or purchasing small lots.

Even if you can only realistically work with a small lot, there are many ways to maximize the space so that you have everything you need in your dream home. It's just a matter of using materials that can withstand city life, as well as planning spaces with multipurpose or space-saving furniture. Here are some tips to make the most of small home spaces.


1. Keep your floors and walls cohesive

Simple things like the wrong paint color can make your house seem smaller than it is. If you're working with small spaces. try to choose a neutral color that can be used in your rooms so that it gives an impression of space and light. Flooring and tile colors should not be overlooked - they make up the bones of your house, so making an investment here will benefit you for many years. If you want to try adding a touch of design to your walls without breaking the bank, you can look into SCG Smartboard panels. They are the perfect base for accent walls, dividers, and more.


2. Use easy-to-clean tiles and fixtures

Many people love the look of a light wooden floor in their home, but this requires careful upkeep. For wooden floors and fixtures that last longer, try wood substitute products that are made of fiber cement. This flooring product can resist the wear and tear that natural wood is usually subjected to over time, and cuts down on maintenance cost. When it gets dirty from usage, you can simply wipe your floors and fixtures, and it’s as good as new. Try looking into SCG Smartwood, which is a fiber cement flooring product that has the look of wood but is far more durable. It can save you a lot of money in the long run, since your upkeep costs will be minimal.


3.Use dual-purpose and space saving furniture

Look for furniture that can serve several purposes at once. For example, instead of getting a usual sofa, consider one with storage, or one that pulls out into a sofa bed for unexpected guests. Buy beds that have storage space underneath which can be used to stow away things that you don’t use on a daily basis. You can even consider space-saving furniture like dining tables that can fold out to accommodate more people when needed, fold-out desks in bedrooms, or even a loft bed that can give way for a study area underneath.


4. Consider vertical shelving

When it comes to small homes, anything that you put on the floor just makes it look more cluttered. Make use of prime wall space by installing shelves that go upward. You can stock things like dinnerware, books, clothes, and pictures on these shelves.


  1. Consider your typical home habits

In planning out the layout of your home, consider how you and your family move while you are there. Even if you’re working with a small space, the way you place everything still needs to make sense. For example, if you cannot have a closed-off kitchen due to space, you can instead have an open kitchen that leads to a dining area so that you can move freely from stove to sink to table. If most of the family converges in the living area on most days, it may not make sense to make space for another family room that will be left unused.

When you live and work in the city, it’s important that you have a good home that you can come to at the end of a long day to relax at. It should feel like a space that makes you happy, one that is your sanctuary in a busy urban jungle. When you’re ready to say yes to your dream home, even if it is a small home, you can rest easy knowing that you will still have something beautiful yet functional that your family can enjoy.

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