Living Rooms with Good Feng Shui

09 December 2021

“Having good Feng Shui in the living room, a center for everyone's home, can greatly enhance auspiciousness both for the house and the members of the household. This involves energy flow, the lucky Feng Shui direction and using colors that best fit your family.”

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Ventilated and spacious living rooms promote energy flow which also extends to other rooms.

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If the living room is situated at the lucky Feng Shui position, Feng Shui masters will often advise homeowners to stimulate the energy with fish tanks or aquatic plant aquariums.

For Feng Shui in homes, the “living room” is a very significant area because it is where the family spends most of their time together. It is a “center” for everyone at home. Hence, when Feng Shui in the living room is proper, the whole house becomes auspicious to a satisfactory level. Find out more about Feng Shui for living rooms below.

In medium to small-sized homes, architects or housing projects often design living rooms next to the “main entrance”. This means that the living room is the forefront area affected by the energy that flows through the door. Therefore, adjusting Feng Shui in the living room that is next to the main entrance is simply making the room spacious and ventilated to promote energy flow through the door that will also continue to other rooms. Avoid furniture which appears heavy, tight, or solid, especially pieces that are placed in the middle of the room or directly opposite the door as they may block energy flow.

Some homes may already have good Feng Shui directions as certain housing projects consider this aspect since the designing phase. In such homes, Feng Shui masters often place the main entrance near the living room at the “lucky Feng Shui direction of each time period” meaning it is in the best position. Usually, this space is related to money wherein “moving objects” are used to stimulate energy flow. Moving objects that shall be placed in this area are fish tanks, aquatic plant aquariums, fountains, Meneki-neko (lucky cat), perpetual motion decorations, blinking clocks etc. These items can add more prosperity to your living room.

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Use tall, picture windows or more skylight to add auspiciousness to the living room.

In large-sized homes, architects may offer a different layout. Normally, “guest living rooms” are located next to the entrance while the living area for the family is located further into the home as more spaces are available. Moreover, such setting provides more “privacy” for the family. The principle for living rooms in large homes is positioning it in an area that provides a spacious exterior view. The room shall have good visibility, be in an airy spot, and not in an unventilated part of the house. Positioning the living area further into the house may mean more privacy but a stuffy room with limited exterior view or improper lighting and ventilation is improper Feng Shui.

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Living rooms located near strategic energy areas such as the swimming pool, fish pond, or gardens can also enhance positive energy.

Aside from the location, spacious interior design can also contribute to the good vibes. For instance, choose tall, glass doors or windows and use more skylight. Also, the proper location for gardens or landscape architectures can also promote the energy near the living room. The suitable spot for a beautiful garden, fish pond, fountain, or pool can complement Feng Shui for living rooms that are located further into the house. Spacious rooms possess good energy flow while a distant exterior view will benefit family members that visit the room. In this room, ideas can expand, vision can flourish, and more importantly, this type of room is more comfortable than unventilated settings.

As for the color, there are selections. If the room is perceived as a common space which everyone must utilize, choose “white” colors. It is a neutral color that fits everyone and will not reduce any person’s energy. If the living room is perceived as “gathering space” for family members, “earth element” colors such as earth tones of cream, beige, or brown shall be chosen. This will increase the warm and cozy vibes.

Master Tawan Lekhapat, Scientific-based Feng Shui consultant, trusted by leading companies. Images from:

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