How to Choose the Right Person to Build Your Dream Home

01 April 2022

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The person who helps build the house is one of the significant factors that determine whether your house will come out as expected. Homeowners that are considering building a new house without hiring a professional from a reputable company would have to seek for someone themselves. How could you find the right professional that would help build your dream home? Let us start with searching for the right architect.


Role of an Architect

An architect is the one who learns and puts together all concerns, needs and requirements from the homeowners. Such information could be the number, behavior and demand of each house member. The architect would then assess such details with their fundamental design knowledge such as weather conditions, sunlight, wind, rain, condition of the space, building model, style and so on, process it and then come up with a house design to propose to homeowners.

In addition to the design, the architect’s roles could also cover drawing of a construction plan, estimating the cost, managing the construction, etc. Their roles, however, depend on the scope of works agreed upon with the homeowners. In general, if we pay wages according to the professional standards, the architects would have their own team of engineering experts in different fields. Whereas, all of them would hold a professional license/permit as required.


Where can I find an architect?

So here we come to the question that everyone is asking. Where can we find an architect, and how should we decide whom to select? The first option would be starting from someone you know or someone that your acquaintance recommends. Some might begin by looking at the building design that they like then find out who designed the place. Other options that are quite a convenience are to contact a design company or search from the website.


Choosing the Right Architect

The next thing that needs to be considered is their qualifications, which shall include the following:

1. The architect must obtain legal permissions to construct in the area, project management and inspection, or construction monitoring to be done.

2. Whether a company or a freelance architect, they should have a portfolio containing photos and details, construction sites and cost estimation of all projects that they worked on. This is so that the homeowners could know about the patterns and expertise of the architect and could determine if such architect is suitable for their desired house design and budget.

3. Since architectural work involves directly with beauty or art, and preference, it is imperative that the homeowner has a chance to discuss and make inquiries with the architect to understand the way of work in general and the compatibility of both parties.

The process of selecting the right architect that understands the homeowner, can work together well, and has the skills needed to build the homeowner’s dream house is something that needs to be done scrutinizingly. The homeowner needs to pay attention to details in every stage of learning and inspecting such an architect or architectural company. Moreover, the homeowner needs to make acquaintance with the architect as well to understand the way the architect works and to build an understanding in communication so that the architect would realize the homeowner’s desire and design the house that meets their needs. Nonetheless, for the house construction to go smoothly, you need to find the right contractor in addition to the right architect as well.


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