Home Makeover for the New Year

31 December 2021

“It’s the New Year! Let’s gather the family and make your home more pleasant.”

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Grout bathroom tiles, simple DIY.

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Choose new grout colors to contrast with the tiles, bringing life back to dull walls.

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The New Year often comes with a long weekend. If there is free time with no traveling plans, why not use the time to do something great for your house? Wouldn’t that be a great New Year gift? Take a look around the house, is there anything that needs repairing, fixing, or renovation? Is there anything that you could have done by yourself but never had the time? Are there any corners that you’ve overlooked? Let us explore the home together.

Tile Grout wears out with time and usage. There may be stubborn stains, black molds, or may disintegrate. If water can penetrate the tiles, hydration of water and concrete under the tiles can occur. This can result in white stains on the tiles and, if left unattended, can affect the structure of the building. Tile grout is important but not a troublesome problem as homeowners can replace it by themselves. This can be done by scraping off old grout, cleaning the grout lines, and reapplying them. Homeowners can even add more fun by changing the grout color to contrast with the tiles. This will give you a beautiful, new bathroom along with better hygiene.

Remember to use grout with good adhesion as to not easily disintegrate or crack. It should withstand deterioration from cleaning detergents, have low water-absorption, and be easy to clean. This will prevent black molds, bacteria, and stubborn stains.

Some materials require surface coatings such as Terrazzo, polished concrete, concrete, pebble wash, and concrete floor blocks. After some time, these coatings may deteriorate. Surface coating helps prevent hydration, moisture and makes cleaning easier. Certain coatings can also prevent bacteria and algae, so this is something that homeowners should acknowledge. These products will indicate when users need to reapply the coating. For instance, if Terrazzo is coated with wax, this should be reapplied once a year. With proper product knowledge, this process can be done by homeowners as they can select coatings that match the requirement and needs.

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Coatings on cement can prevent hydration and makes cleaning easy.

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Decorate walls with pictures using materials that don’t destroy the surface such as glue pads. This helps hide wall repair scratches. Also, it gives you the opportunity to decorate the home with memorable photos from the past year, adding stories to the wall.

Scratches from drilling. Walls may have been drilled to hang clocks, frames, or shelves. When they are relocated or discarded, the scars may remain on the wall. After patching the hole, homeowners may choose to ignore the dent as it is a burden to make it spotless again by repainting or using a wallpaper for the whole wall. For this, we will suggest effortless ideas that will make your wall flawless with new decorations.

The home is like a human body that requires constant care. When problems are immediately resolved, small troubles don’t expand to bigger, complicated issues. Busy homeowners can use the new year to remind themselves to do an annual health check-up for the home. During the long weekend, family members can help repair simple matters. Aside from a healthy and pleasant home, this can become a bonding activity for the family.

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Pop-up origami can be used as wall decorations. They can hide the scratches and is an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy - especially the kids.

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Turn old dents to new functional areas. Kitchen walls with holes from removed shelves can be concealed with household items such as wood. They can be attached with pretty jars and installed over the holes. This will surely become a unique and favorite utensils storage spot.

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