Home Maintenance Tasks for the Rainy Season

27 May 2022

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The rainy season usually hits the Philippines in June to November. Since we spend most of our days at home, this is the ideal time to make sure your house is spic, span and ready for anything. Here are some things that would be helpful to check for the rainy season:



1. Inspect your roof

Be sure to check for loose shingles, leaks, or broken tiles. It will be good to replace those to avoid further damages to your walls or ceilings.

2. Clean the gutters

This area can be filled with debris and dirt over time; if feasible, you may clean it yourself or best to call a professional to have it checked for you. By doing so, you are assured that water can flow freely during the rainy season.

3. Look for trees around your property

If the surrounding trees need to be trimmed, it is best to do so to avoid falling leaves off your house. You may also start cleaning up the dried leaves and branches across your backyard.

4. Recheck your bare lawn

If you have a bare lawn, you might want to fix this to ensure it will not cause floods or puddles to your home. One way to prevent this from happening is by having it covered by grass or patched with soil.



5. Check for wall and ceiling damages

After working on the exterior of your home, it is equally important to maintain the interior of it. Start with your house’s walls and ceilings by checking if there are signs of moisture, water leakage, molds or discoloration. If yes, you can clean and repaint the damaged areas. You may also consider replacing it with Fiber Cement Boards to ensure a more beautiful and long-lasting performance, in the midst of all weather seasons.

6. Check for rotting wood and termites

Do you use any wood material? Have it checked if there are any infestation going around as this might worsen during rainy season.

7. Monitor your electrical system

Check the circuits and wirings if these are safe from possible water leakage. If needed, you can also contact an electrician to ensure an accurate inspection.

8. Inspect your pipes and water faucets

If any of these need repairing, we recommend to either replace or seal your faucet and pipe depending on its current condition.

Although the Philippines is a tropical country and only has 2 distinct seasons, it is best to always prepare ahead of time to keep your house and family safe and secure. In a nutshell, making time for home maintenance can save you cost in the future by having your home protected against possible major damages due to changing seasons.

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