Handling and Storage Tips for Ceramic Tiles

02 November 2022

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Ceramic tiles have a maximum load carrying capacity. Thus, extreme care should be taken when handling a big volume of tiles. To avoid accidental breakage, please observe the following guidelines:

1. Use mechanical handling devices (forklifts, wheelbarrows, hand trucks) when loading or unloading big volume of ceramic tiles.

2. Do not load and lift ceramic tiles weighing more than 1.5 tons (1.5 pallet).

3. Place the tiles on flat ground to ensure stability.

4. Do not stack boxed tiles over 14 feet high.

5. Observe the following maximum stacking height per tile size:

Floor Tiles

10 cm x 20 cm 3 pallets high

20 cm x 20 cm 3 pallets high

30 cm x 30 cm 4 pallets high

40 cm x 40 cm 3 pallets high

60 cm x 60 cm 1 pallets high

Wall Tiles

20 cm x 20 cm 3 pallets high

20 cm x 25 cm 3 pallets high

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