Fun Things to do at Home on New Year's Eve

30 December 2022

For those of you who are either too busy with work to throw a big New Year's celebration or just want to make it as simple and low-key as possible, this one's for you! New Year is definitely a holiday most people look forward to, and everyone really deserves a celebration after getting through another year! Don't underestimate even just making a small celebration at home, these can also turn out to be amazingly fun!

Here, we have a few tips for you on some easy and unique ways to have fun at your own home on New Year's Eve:

1. Sing Your Lungs and Heart Out!

One of the more common suggestions for a low-key New Year's party at home is to sing karaoke with your loved ones. You only need a working record player for this, and that's it. It would be entertaining to sing your favorite songs out loud, possibly in an odd voice. You could even host a mock Philippine Idol or The Voice auditions or performances, with three of you portraying the judges and making comedic observations about the acts!


2. Photoshoot at Home!

Anyone who is on Instagram or any social media knows that taking memorable pictures on special events are not only important, but very essential! Throw in some props with a New Year's theme, these might also be customized with goals you have in mind, events you know are going to occur for you, or anything else you like. Make it a night to remember!


3. Host a Game Night

Even if you're staying in for the celebration, you don't necessarily have to be alone yourself. Bring your group of friends or family members together and hold a card game competition all night long. Carom, Uno, or even endless rounds of poker are possible option.


4. Dress Up for a Party

Why don't you have a dance session in your house? Just like karaoke, this is another thing that many people will enjoy. Have drinks, pump up the music and dress up in your best party clothes! In this way, you can easily have nice photos showing your best outfits and enjoying the night. This is a good way to spend the night and stay up until the countdown!


5. Make New Year's Resolutions

Without making any New Year's resolutions, how do you ring in the new year? Make intriguing and meaningful ones while seated with your loved ones. To remember them in the future, you may get a board to write them down or capture it on a camera. This will enable you to reflect on your progress toward keeping your pledges to yourself the following year.


There are many ways to make your New Year's Eve celebrations at home special and memorable, make sure to spend it in the best way for you and your loved ones!

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