Home Ideas for your Dream Home

09 December 2021
Six finely designed and trending beautiful house plans that will help you discover your dream home and get to know different home ideas.

Owning a dream home in one’s lifetime may be an ultimate dream. Some trade in several years of work and savings for their ideal home. Because of this, considering every detail and choosing the most desirable style is greatly significant. We have gathered six house plans that have undergone careful brainstorming and are trending at the moment. Hopefully, these designs will give you an idea and bring you a step closer to your dream home.

1. Contemporary Style

This design is the contemporary style. It involves details from the past combined with modern advancements. It is neither too simple nor too forward - it can dwell amidst an era without discomfort. Today’s contemporary homes often utilize white, cream, brown, and grey color tones. Also, they seamlessly integrate new and old materials such as wood or wood substitutes and stone or artificial stone in order to create a cozy and friendly atmosphere.

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The Contemporary Style has proper functional spaces. It is simply decorated in brown and white tones. Materials are modest with perplex details. Also, a spacious terrace, a pool, a large tree at the center, and a grass lawn all contribute to the homey and relaxing ambiance.

Explore Your Dream Home with Six Ready-made Ideas.jpg

Twilight roof tiles shields the white, contemporary design. Materials have the natural feel with tall, large glass windows that reveal the infinite landscape surrounding the home. The wooden terrace connects the interior with the beautiful outdoor garden, accenting the warm ambiance.

2. Modern Style

The home with humble contours which eliminates unnecessary details. Geometric shapes such as quadrangles are applied to enhance functionality. Color tones are gentle with colors such as white, grey, and black. Structures are often exposing the material’s original texture such as concrete, glass, metal, and wood. Interior designs include chic furniture that complements the stylish design with a touch of meticulous details.

04_Explore Your Dream Home with Six Ready-made Ideas.jpg

The Modern Style is box-shaped homes with simple outlines. Quadrangles are used to enrich functionality. The upper floor is divided into the left and right wing with a long walkway joining the space. The large glass window gives the spacious feel and allows dwellers to enjoy the exterior green space.

05_Explore Your Dream Home with Six Ready-made Ideas.jpg

The Modern Style is defined by its different roof pitch. Grey is selected as it expresses style with simplicity. Large glass walls allow every room to experience the outdoor landscape. Tiny details are added to the patterns on the front lawn which makes the house special amidst the simplicity while still capturing every element.

3. Natural Style

The Natural Style seamlessly blends with nature. The design hopes for dwellers to feel and become one with nature. This begins with the layout, design, to the selection of natural materials which include durable items such as artificial wood, wood-plastic composite, wood-pattern tiles, or stone-pattern tiles. Designs mostly involve large windows that invite sunlight and capture the surrounding natural elements, thus, connecting the exterior with the interior and delivering a warm, relaxing mood.

06_Explore Your Dream Home with Six Ready-made Ideas.jpg

The house is designed to blend with the natural surrounding by selecting materials with natural senses such as wood planks that obscure the interior, provide shade, and lessen rigidness. Moreover, flat roofs and raw concrete walls provide a contemporary finish while maintaining the warmth yet seamlessly blending with nature.

07_Explore Your Dream Home with Six Ready-made Ideas.jpg

This compact home is surrounded by nature. The design focuses on large windows that welcome sunlight. Awning windows are added as functional gimmicks that allow ventilation and brings dwellers closer to nature. Moreover, natural and materials such as artificial wood and stone-pattern wall tiles also contribute to the natural sensation.

4. Thai Oriental Style

This home reflects the Thai culture and lifestyle. Gable or hip roofs are often used while selected materials are mainly concrete or plastered brick walls on the lower floor along with wood or wood substitutes. The lower floor usually offers spacious areas or large doors or windows used to invite fresh air and provide ventilation. Normally, there are functional front lawns for family outdoor activities. This is a style that adapts the traditional Thai design to modern preferences yet still maintaining the Thai aesthetic and charisma.

08_Explore Your Dream Home with Six Ready-made Ideas.jpg

This one story home incorporates the essence of traditional Thai houses. The gable roof is fixed with kite-form roof tiles. The home is detached and connected only by the terrace, doors, and windows, welcoming the exterior ambiance and enabling ventilation. The freshness and natural mood is further highlighted by the pond and surrounding garden.

09_Explore Your Dream Home with Six Ready-made Ideas.jpg

The Thai Oriental Style is stilt houses designed with a surrounding terrace where chairs or benches can be arranged for relaxation after a busy day. Small details are incorporated to preserve the Thai uniqueness such as corbels and beautifully decorated garden, seamlessly integrating the oriental Thai.

5. Classic Style

The Classic Style is inspired by western influences. It is the luxurious style which highlights the elegance of the structures. Arches and Roman columns are often incorporated with other elements which portray lavishness such as the stucco. Moreover, skillfully crafted European-style figures such as Greek-style or horse sculptures, fountains, and formal yet stunning landscape designs are also utilized.

10_Explore Your Dream Home with Six Ready-made Ideas.jpg

The Classic Style is distinguished by its bright-color hip roof and domes. Doors and Windows incorporate the arch with stucco frames enveloping the window. The surrounding garden is tidily arranged with spacious lawn decorated with materials and European-style sculptures that complement the majestic, luxurious, and elegant ambiance.

11_Explore Your Dream Home with Six Ready-made Ideas.jpg

The western Classic Style offers vast functional spaces. The mixed-tone color terracotta roof tiles are matched with, yellow or cream, light-color homes. Frames and windows are decorated with arches while the terrace is fitted with minimal curved steel handrails. Fountains and various shaped trees are found in the garden.

6. Colonial Style

This style is influenced by western artworks that collide with the Thai way of life. Materials mostly involve wood, wood substitutes or perforated panels. Light or pastel colors such as white, ivory cream, light green, light pink, and light blue are preferred. The design is defined by its spacious terrace with wood clapboards combined with concrete walls. Moreover, graceful details such as stucco decorations and perforated wood designs are embedded while doors and windows are adorned with stucco frames. This style fits those who desire the cozy, sweet feel with a touch of the past.

12_Explore Your Dream Home with Six Ready-made Ideas.jpg

The Colonial Style is where the western ambiance meets Thainess. The grey kite-form roof tiles perfectly match the cream color home which uses wood substitutes as clapboards. Doors and windows are uniformly installed with grilles that create fascinating outlines. Terrace handrails are painted white alongside outdoor columns that harmoniously align. These identities belong to the Colonial Style, minute, graceful, and picture-perfect.

13_Explore Your Dream Home with Six Ready-made Ideas.jpg

The Colonial Style is matched with a steeply pitched roof where the curving roof tiles complement the ivory shade clapboards. This design is perfect for a vacation home. It is created in the American-countryside concept with a symmetrical porch on both sides. The home is embraced by green gardens with spaces at the side for parking and a multi-purpose lawn for family activities.

Now that you are inspired, tell your architect about it. This way, your dream house will most likely derive from your innermost desire. Also, seek professional advice for the preferred materials so that it fits your lifestyle while providing long-lasting functionality.

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