Ceiling Design Ideas for your Home

09 December 2021

Blog_Ceiling Design.jpg

Spice up your home and incorporate decorative ceiling ideas to create a modern look!

Ceiling for a modern designed house


Modern designed house with exterior details added by installing sunshade lath


Ceiling with natural designed house


Wooden ceiling is installed on gables to create dimension to room space


Ceiling for a contemporary designed house


House has a wall board with air ventilating hole installed at gable and eaves ceiling to reduce heat for the house


Ceiling for a contemporary Thai-designed house


Even rimmed fiber cement board with indirect lights help create dimension to the room


Ceiling for a classic designed house


Classic room with white fiber cement ceiling added dimension with split level brownish ceiling


Western classic house with mix-toned terracotta roof creating an outstanding look

SCG11 Western classic house with mix toned terracotta roof creating outstanding look.jpg

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