Design Your Wall with the Use of Cement

09 December 2021

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When decorating walls in modern homes, those who are not looking for complete spotlessness can experiment with a couple of gimmicks on cement. For smooth textures, polished concrete will offer evenness while leaving behind the uneven colors of cement. Each design depends on the direction of plastering and force applied on the trowel. At the final plastering stage, try adding rough textures on one side of the wall by using decorative cement which range from lightly to highly coarse. Also, add more design using patterns or plastering techniques that create dividing lines on walls to add style to your trendy home.

Concrete wall with natural texture and brick design

01-SCG Buildingmaterials-Gimmick on Cement and Walls in Modern Homes.jpg

Concrete wall with wood-like texture

02-SCG Buildingmaterials-Gimmick on Cement and Walls in Modern Homes.jpg

Unleash your creativity to improve the look of your home that guests will adore.

Color Render designs: Application by SCG Experience

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