5 Small Upgrades for February

26 January 2023

Just like life, our home deserves even just small changes to create a holistic improvement. The house eventually gets worn out may it be from natural or manly causes. Even though this is the case, no worries! Upgrades don't have to be expensive. Even small improvements that you can do on your own can make a big impact for your home. This month of February, let's target to make 5 home upgrades! By doing a few of these for each month, we will have a newly-looking home by the end of this year. Let's get to it!

1. Improve Your Lighting

The effect of having a good lighting can drastically change the aura of your house. This doesn't even require a professional, just choose a lamp or a spotlight that can highlight the specific parts of your house, or even by the living room couch for some reading!


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2. Place a Houseplant

Consider putting in a houseplant in your living room: it has the potential to give more warmth and breaking the uniformity in your space.


3. Dress Your Windows

Install modern blinds or floor-length curtains in your windows to give an instant aesthetic look in your whole room! This will also give you added privacy and security especially on the times when you most need it.


4. Switch Up Your Switches

Replacing your home's switches into something more stylish can improve the finishing touch in your home. This simple way can transform the look any room.


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5. Display New Family Photos

Display new family photos together with your old ones. These will interest new guests and even bring up good memories that would be lovely to share. Choose the photos that are most meaningful.


Don't underestimate making those small improvements!

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